‘Michigan Shifting Gears’ program expands to Gaylord

business suit
Michigan is home to a unique program designed to help individuals get back on track with their careers, or even find a new one.

Michigan Shifting Gears is expanding its efforts by introducing sessions in Gaylord.

Officials said it’s an opportunity for seasoned professionals and other job seekers to learn how to fit their talent and experience into the “new economy” careers.

Amy Cell, Senior Vice President of talent enhancement for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation said career transitions can be truly devastating for individuals.

“Especially if they are going through an unplanned career transition, like if someone was laid off, and especially if that person had been working for the same company for the last 20 years, progressed through management and become very successful,” she said. “Yet, during this economy, they’ve found themselves in between jobs.”

Cell says the program reaches out to all types of people, like veterans, stay-at-home parents and experienced professionals.

Michigan Shifting Gears includes professional career coaching, eight days of workshops, networking events and a small business simulation.

Each participant is required to complete an 80-hour pro-bono internship with a small business or non-profit.

More information about the program and registration can be found on the MEDC’s website at www.michiganbusiness.org.