Mandatory Ice Shanty Removal Dates


With warmer temperatures around much of Michigan, the DNR is reminding ice fishers and snowmobilers that we’re quickly getting to the point where no ice is safe ice.

Officials said it’s nearly time for ice shanties to be removed.

The DNR said the deadline for shanty removal in northern lower Michigan is midnight on Saturday, March 15th.

Anglers in the Upper Peninsula, have until March 31st.

The DNR said ultimately anglers have to keep their eyes open, because regardless of the official dates, shanties must be removed as soon as the ice is unable to safely hold them.

Christian LeSage is a fisheries biologist with the DNR. LeSage said,”The dates are in there to try to encourage people to get their shanties off of the ice so they don’t fall through the ice. And if they do fall through the ice then people can be charged with the costs and the fees of letting that fall through the ice plus salvage prices of getting all their equipment back out of the water.”

For a complete list of counties and the mandatory removal dates follow the link provided:

Ice Shanty County Removal Dates