Pure Michigan rakes in more than a billion in visitor spending

Michigan visitors are spending a ton of money here through the year.

That’s not the officials figure of course, but a new report says the Pure Michigan campaign helped attract more than four-million trips by out-of-state visitors last year.

Travel officials said Michigan’s reputation as a vacation destination is growing due in large part to the Pure Michigan campaign.

Out-of-state visitors helped boost the state’s economy and local businesses to the tune of $1.2 billion dollars in new spending.

Michelle Grinnell with Pure Michigan said Michigan tourism is steadily growing.

“When people see the Pure Michigan ads, their perception of Michigan improves significantly,” she said. “Also, we have data that shows when people visit Michigan, their perception improves even more. So we really want to get people here and when once they get here Michigan really does a great job of selling itself as a tourism destination.”

Grinnell said the Pure Michigan campaign spent $13 million in out-of-state advertising last year and generated nearly $90 million dollars in new tax revenue.

After the millions of dollars each year to brand itself as a vacation destination, the campaign still faces challenges.

“People get bombarded with a lot of information every day, so making sure that Michigan stands out and that we’re part of that conversation [is important],” she said. “I think we have been able to get more and more of that market share each year and people are beginning to recognize Pure Michigan as a tourism destination.”

Grinnell said the campaign would like to run ads on national television longer than it does now. Ads currently runs from March through June.

In addition, Pure Michigan is boosting its international efforts by expanding into the Toronto market.