Calley signs road funding bill

La Fonda Overcrossing being taken down during Highway 1 widening.A new mid-year state budget bill will spend 215 (m) million dollars on road construction and maintenance. We have more from Michigan Public Radio’s Rick Pluta.

The money will go toward summer road projects, but also to reimburse local governments for plowing and salting costs through a long, harsh winter that’s stretched their budgets very thin.

The bill was signed by Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley because Governor Rick Snyder is out of the state. In a written statement, Calley said this budget bill does not solve the state’s long-term transportation needs.

The Snyder administration has been stymied in its efforts to add more than a billion dollars a year to the state’s transportation budget.

The budget bill also includes money for a Michigan immigration office, mental health services, and efforts to reduce infant mortality in Detroit.

For the Michigan Public Radio Network, I’m Rick Pluta at the state Capitol.