Petoskey students raise enough money for regional trip

A team of northern Michigan students have raised enough money travel and compete in a regional robotics competition.

G-3, otherwise known as “Geeks, Gears and Gadgets,” is heading to Iowa City for the FIRST Tech Challenge North Super Regional Championship.

It’s a competition featuring robots navigating a course and manipulating objects.

Cheryl Tallman is G3’s media team mentor, and she is confident in the team’s product.

“The robot works really well,” she said. “They have made made a few adjustments to it just to tweak it, but it performed extremely well in states and came out with one of the highest scores. We are hopeful, knock on wood, that we make it to the world championship.”

The world championship is scheduled to take place in St. Louis at the end of April.

Tallman said G3 raised nearly $3,800, but its goal is to fundraise at least $10,000 total.

Out of the 72 teams competing, only a select number will be granted the opportunity to advance.

Students will compete from April 3-5 at the University of Iowa.