Propane prices continue to decrease, demand still high

State officials say Michigan’s propane emergency is over, however temperatures are remaining persistently cold and the “higher than usual” demand for propane continues.

Michigan had been under a propane emergency this past winter, but it was lifted at the beginning of March by Governor Snyder.

Judy Palnau, spokeswoman for the Michigan Public Service Commission, said business is propane business is still slower than usual.

“Inventory in the midwest are still 30 percent below what they were this time last year, and likely will be slow to recover with persistently cold weather,” she said. “The good news is that prices are inching down, and that has been happening for several weeks.”

Palnau said the most recent statewide average is $2.85 per gallon. That is 91 cents below this season’s high; however, it’s 83 cents above the average pre-winter, and pre-emergency, prices.