Moose-wolf study honored

WolfA study of the predator-prey relationship between moose and wolves on Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior has been inducted into the Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame. WNMU’s Nicole Walton has more.

John Vucetich is director of the 56-year-old study and an associate professor at Michigan Technological University. He says the program was begun to answer questions about how predators affect prey at a time when the public viewed wolves in a negative light.

“Durward Allen, the person who started the project, just wanted to better understand the truth of how it is that wolves affect their prey, because it’s (the) hateful myths that people had about what wolves did to their prey that caused so much of their persecution,” said Vucetich.

Researchers are now concerned because only eight wolves remain on Isle Royale. They’re debating if more wolves should be brought to the park.

An induction ceremony was held Thursday night at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids.