Lottery ticket unclaimed, boosts state School Aid Fund

A recently unclaimed lottery ticket means hundreds of thousands of additional dollars will go to K (through) 12 students in the state.

Michigan’s School Aid Fund received a quarter-million-dollar bonus this week after an individual in the metro Detroit area did not claim his or her Mega Millions prize.

Jeff Holyfield, spokesman for the Michigan Lottery, said the School Aid Fund, technically, is not the only beneficiary of unclaimed tickets.

“The schools benefit, the children benefit and the taxpayers benefit,” he said. “Every dollar that comes the Michigan Lottery contributes to the School Aid Fund is a dollar that doesn’t have to come out of the taxpayer’s wallet.”

Holyfield said this particular ticket was the third major prize to go unclaimed in the past six weeks. Those tickets combined have added more than 600-thousand dollars to the School Aid Fund.