DNR announces new black bear education program

bear_453667_7Beginning next fall, Michigan educators will have a chance to integrate a new interactive section to their curriculum about black bears.

It’s a program developed by the D-N-R, and it will be offered to interested teachers statewide.

Lessons include a black bear’s life cycle, biology and behaviors, and efforts taken by the state to maintain a healthy population.

Hanna Schauer (Sh-ow-er) with the D-N-R said it’s something new rather than talking about species that cannot be found in Michigan or other parts of the region.

She said, “We thought it’d be cool to provide a resource for teachers to talk about about a Michigan species, so kids can really connect with the state’s natural resources of the state they are living in.”

Schauer said students will have similar hands-on experience with bears as the D-N-R does, but not, she adds, “too hands-on”

Participating classes will have the chance to track a black bear by using actual data points.

Schauer says the data points come from a radio-collared bear that the D-N-R uses to track its seasonal movements. “They’ll get to look at and plot on maps various location points for a black bear throughout the year, and see where the black bear was going. They can see the habitat-type that the black bear was in at that particular moment, maybe look at some typography, and figure out why that black bear might have been there.”

More information about the program can be found on our website at WCMU (dot) org (slash) news.