State of emergency declared for Marquette County

broken mainGovernor Rick Snyder has declared a state of emergency for Marquette County due to freezing and broken water and sewer pipes caused by a deep frost line.

A harsh winter of extended sub-zero temperatures has cost the county $1.6 million already, and several communities have run out of money to pay for repairs.

State Representative John Kivela of Marquette says the declaration paves the way for the county to get state aid.

“It offers up state resources—could me material or equipment—to be used and focused in that area. The state then can match up to $100,000 per jurisdiction, that’s the townships, the cities, the county,” said Kivela.

The declaration also would give President Obama the opportunity to declare Marquette County a disaster area… which would bring funding from FEMA to the region.

Snyder issued the declaration today.