String of identity thefts strike Michigan Walmart stores

Police are asking for the public’s help identifying a man who they say has been using stolen credit cards at stores around the state.

Troopers say the man has hit several Walmarts including stores in Petoskey and Big Rapids.

Trooper Jason Nemecek is with the State police post in Gaylord.

He said, “What we’re gathering here is that the individual steals someone’s identity along with their debit or credit card and what they will do is they will take that credit card information, typically this has been a Walmart they have been using several Walmarts throughout the state, and they will bring in a piece of paper and they will hand key or hand punch in that credit card at Walmart stores with the purchase of a couple hundred dollars. They will then buy Walmart gift cards at which point they will either use it or sell it to someone else.”

Nemecek says police are not yet sure how the man acquired the credit card information.

SURVEILLANCE IMAGES- Identity Theft Suspect: Police say suspect is believed to be in his mid-40s, and was seen wearing glasses, a sport coat and blue jeans.

Michigan State Police Gaylord Post- (989) 732-2778
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