UPS deliveries try to eliminate as many left turns as possible

You may be familiar with logistic giant U-P-S’s slogan, “What can brown do for you?” Well, what U-P-S drivers won’t do – at least as much as they can help it – is turn left.

UPS tries to route deliveries to take as many right-hand turns, as possible, for efficiency and safety.

UPS officials said it’s not policy, but it is a practice that has been used by UPS for decades.

Chris Yohn, with UPS Communications said right turns have saved the company millions of dollars in the past decade.

“Because it reduces the amount of time spent idling and waiting to turn left,” he said. “It’s also far safer to avoid left turns since it reduces the number of times you cross oncoming traffic.”

Yohn said the company takes a high-tech approach to planning.

“Whether it’s a one-way street, whether it’s a dead-end road, whether it’s anything you’ll run into in a rural area, that’s all planned in the software,” he said. “It automatically routes the driver in the most efficient route.”

Transportation officials said left turns are three times as dangerous as right turns.

Yohn said he doesn’t know whether other logistic companies share similar practices.