CMU announces tuition rate increase for next year


Central Michigan University is the first out of the State’s Universities to announce their tuition rate increase for the 2014-2015 school year.

The school’s Board of Trustees determined the tuition rate increase of 2.94%.

Undergraduate tuition will be 3 hundred 85 dollars per credit hour starting this fall.

Steve Smith is Director of Public Relations at Central Michigan University.

He said, “The board of Trustees look at a number of variables when they discuss what tuition rate to charge. It’s a decision that they take with the greatest responsibility understanding that tuition has an impact on accessibility and affordability for families and our students. And so now for the past 4 years cumulatively they have passed a tuition increase that is the lowest among all of Michigan’s public institutions.”

Smith said that Central Michigan University also ranks 12th out of 15 universities in the state for having the lowest cost of attendance, referring specifically to the school’s room and board rates.

CMU Tuition Rate Increase