Human Trafficking Survivor Discusses ‘World’s Dirty LIttle Secret’

Human Trafficking is a global, multi-billion dollar industry that could be happening in your own home town.

Alma College is hosting an event called, ‘World’s Dirty Little Secret,’ in order to raise awareness and promote change.

Theresa Flores a survivor who was trafficked in Michigan will be speaking at the event to tell her personal story. She will also be talking about initiatives and legislation that are critical to human trafficking.

According to Joanne GIlbert, the Chair of Communication and New Media Studies at Alma College, Michigan is is ranked fifth in the nation for human trafficking. She says there are 27 million people who are enslaved today and that is more than any other time in human history.

“No one really expects it to happen in their own town and sometimes people have heard about very large urban areas such as Detroit having large events hosted like the auto show. People kind of know that yes trafficking goes on at this very large events that are held. But what people don’t know is that it happens everywhere it goes on in every county and it’s not always of the grand scale that makes the news headlines but it still happens.”

The event is free to all students in the area including students from other colleges and universities.

The ‘World’s Dirty Little Secret event will take place at 7pm. on May 8 in the Dunning Memorial Chapel at Alma College.


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