“Share your love of the outdoors with a Foster Child”

May is bringing more than flowers. If state officials are successful, it will also bring more homes for children in foster care. May is Foster Care month in Michigan.

The state Departments of Natural Resources (DNR) and Human services are partnering with the Michigan Recreation and Park Association (MRPA) to help find homes for foster children.

Dave Akerly is Director of Communications for the Department of Human Services.

He said, “The DNR got together with us and said you know we really think we can help do something if we can brainstorm. Of course something that we came to consensus on was kind of a broad reach out to those folks in the state of Michigan who enjoy the great outdoors; who go camping, who go to the state parks and try to reach some of those people with a message that’s also asking them to share a part of their life with a foster child.

Akerly said the slogan “Share your love of the great outdoors with a foster child” will be on posters located throughout state parks, trail-heads and campsites.

The DNR and MRPA offer many free recreation programs at local and state parks to provide opportunities to get outdoors as a family, perhaps with a foster child.

Foster Care Navigation service line: 855-MICHKIDS (855-642-4543)
Foster Care Month