Michigan for Marriage campaign aims to educate public

Backers of same-sex marriage are launching what they call ‘an education campaign’.

It may eventually evolve into a ballot effort to reverse Michigan’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Emily Dievendorf is part of the “Michigan for Marriage” campaign. She says Michiganders need to understand why gays and lesbians want the same ability to marry as heterosexuals….

“We want marriage and need marriage for all the same reasons that you do. And it certainly is ‘legal rights’, but it’s also we’re falling in love for all the same cheesy, beautiful reasons that you are … and that’s hard to get out of,” said Dievendorf.

A federal judge recently struck down Michigan’s same- sex marriage ban. The case is currently before a federal appeals court.

Dievendorf says … if necessary … the education campaign can morph into a political campaign … to put the issue on the 20-16 ballot.