Pure Michigan Trail Initiative approved by Senate

Michigan Capital Building

Michigan Capital Building

Michigan towns and trails may be seeing more visitors this summer with the Pure Michigan Trail Initiative.

The Initiative would allow for the designation of “Pure Michigan Trail Towns” Those are municipalities that are home to at least one of the state’s growing number of multi-use trails.

Trails – like the popular Rail-Trails – that allow people to walk, bicycle, snowmobile or horseback ride.

State Senator John Moolenaar (MOLE-ah-nahr) of Midland(-R), sponsored a package of bills to update the state’s Trailways Designation process.

He said, “This is a 5 bill package that recognizes the growing network of multi-use trails in Michigan and for many Michigan families the enjoyment of the great outdoors on one of our state’s trails is part of what makes Michigan a great place to live and work.”

Senator Moolenaar said the legislation recognizes trails that meet higher standards of design, construction and accessibility with a designation as a Pure Michigan trail.

The package of bills is currently before the House Tourism Committee.