New worksite wellness program is aimed at improving productivity.

office workHealth department officials in central Michigan have launched a new program to help improve the health of workers.

The Central Michigan District Health Department is making house-calls, or to be more accurate- business-calls in its new Worksite Wellness program.

Businesses sign up for an on-site consultation. They get a customized set of recommendations and can choose from wellness programs; things like smoking cessation, weight management and blood pressure or diabetes services.

Heather Cole, Health Educator with the Central Michigan District Health Department, said if it’ done right, fitness can be part of work.. “You can build physical activity into things you’re already doing, as far as, if you’re having a meeting, having walking meetings or doing different activities like that. Healthier employees are more productive employees”, Cole said.

Cole said the Worksite Wellness program is being well received. Currently 22 businesses have signed up. The Central Michigan District Health Department has a goal of 50.