Alpena library plans to digitize oral history of area

The Alpena library is ready to launch an initiative to preserve the oral history of the area.The library has been awarded a nearly 15-thousand-dollar state grant to support the effort.

Eric Magness-Eubank, Director of the George N. Fletcher library in Alpena, said personal stories are a valuable part of the history of an area, and libraries have been working to preserve them.
He says this grant will allow his facility to do it properly. “We’ve been doing oral history projects, both this library in particular and libraries in general have been doing that for decades, but one of the problems has always been that then they’re stored on something and no one ever knows what’s on them or anything like that. And we’re hoping to be able to do something that instead of keeps these things being locked up as it were, more accessible to the public,” he said.

Magness-Eubank said he hopes the Alpena oral history project will be available to the public at the beginning of 2015.
The grant is provided by the Michigan Humanities Council. Alpena was one of a dozen counties, including Emmet, Midland, Grand Traverse and Bay to receive what the Humanities Council calls a Cultural Programming grant.

Michigan Humantities Council Cultural Programming Grant: