Third annual Native American Festival in St. Ignace

This upcoming Memorial weekend is a time for remembrance and tradition for many.

This weekend will also feature traditional teachings, music and dance at the Native American Festival in St. Ignace.

The festival features Ojibwa art and regalia. It offers a number of traditional ceremonies, entertainment and workshops.

John Causley is an assistant at the Museum of Ojibwa Culture.

He said, “The history of it is that as Native Americans we celebrate the four seasons of the year. This being the spring, we celebrate this time with a pow wow, we call it a pow wow with a gathering of native american people and non-native, it’s open to everyone.” He added, “Most of the pow wows go on for two to three days. We light a fire starting the first day of the gathering and the fire stays lit until the 4th day easily. Because this is more of a learning experience for the non-native Americans that do come to it we’re just basically explaining some of the traditions that we do as Native Americans and this one will probably go on for two days.”

Causley said the event gives the tribe a chance to raise cultural awareness.

The third annual Native American Festival will be hosted in St. Ignace on the grounds of the Museum of Ojibwa Culture. It begins with a sunrise ceremony Saturday, May 24th, and runs through Sunday the 25th. The event is open to the public.