Snyder hopes to increase the state’s minimum wage

Stack of MoneyGovernor Snyder hopes the state House will turn its attention soon to a proposal to increase the state’s minimum wage.

The Senate already approved a bill to increase Michigan’s minimum wage…in steps….to nine dollars twenty cents an hour.

Snyder says it was good to see the bill pass in the Senate with bi-partisan support.

“I hope the House will take it up relatively soon. And make a serious review of it,” said Snyder.

Supporters say Michigan’s minimum wage has needed an increase for a long time.

Critics complain raising the minimum wage will hurt small business and cost many low wage employees their jobs.

There is also a petition drive underway to raise the minimum wage to ten-dollars and ten cents an hour.

If the legislation passes, it could effectively make that petition drive pointless, because the bill replaces the law the petition drive is trying to change.