Employers expect to hire more graduates this year

College students graduating this year are expected to have a more welcoming job market to look forward to than the class of 2013.

Over 200 employers were surveyed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The survey says employers are expecting to hire nearly 8 percent more graduates.

According to Julia Barlow Sherlock, Director of Career Services at Central Michigan University, the skills employers are looking for have been changing and depend on the company.

“In fact what they are looking for is people who do have degrees, people who have higher level thinking skills who have the ability to work well with others,” Sherlock said. “And we’re coming into a workforce that is more of a task assignment/task management versus a particular expertise. It’s a very interesting mix in how the world is evolving”.

Sherlock said the science technology engineering and math, areas have seen a tremendous increase in hiring activity.

She also said employers are offering sweeter perks like bonuses and flexibility to entice potential employees.