Energy costs, demand expected to increase this summer

file0001691310751This past winter season impacted more than just Michigan roads.

State officials say the brutal winter and the polar vortex is also likely to impact summer energy prices.

The summer energy appraisal looks at the projected cost and availability of energy in Michigan this summer.

Demand is expected to increase across all sectors compared to last year.

Judy Palnau is a spokesperson for the Michigan Public Service Commission. She said the state is still feeling the fallout from the unusually cold winter, “Michigan is blessed to have a lot of natural underground gas storage, but we did use a lot and we depleted a lot that was in storage so we will need to replenish that and that will be at a little higher price.”

Palnau said the state has also set up committee to discuss this winter’s propane emergency when prices shot up to more than $3 a gallon.

She said the group has been tasked with making sure the state has adequate propane supplies for the next heating season.