Health officials remind people to ‘fight the bite’ outdoors this summer

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAs summer weather finally moves in and people spend more time outdoors, state health officials are once again talking about the importance of bug spray.That ubiquitous product, they say, can save your health.

The point is to protect yourself from mosquito and tick bites when you’re outside, OR in your house. And It’s good to start now to prevent bug-borne illnesses like West Nile Virus, or Lyme Disease
Angela Minicucci is a spokeswoman with the Michigan Department of Community Health. “It’s early in the season now, so if we keep those habits in mind early on, it’s something we’ll probably better remember for the rest of the summer. So when you’re grabbing your sunscreen, make sure you’re grabbing your insect repellant as well. And then just doing some early checks around your home, like removing standing water, making sure your windows and your door screen covers are in good condition, little things that you can do early in the season to prevent those illnesses later on,” Minicucci said.

Health officials are not able to predict how bad the bugs will be in any given summer, or how often they might spread illnesses. But officials said, they do know the bugs will be there, and simple preventative measures can keep you healthy.