A new “green” project expected to bring over 100 jobs to Cheboygan

Recycle001More than 100 new jobs are expected to come to Cheboygan within the next year.

The jobs are part of an expansion project by a company named Green Box.

The company’s 200 million dollar project will send large amounts of commercial waste from the metro-Detroit area to be processed in Cheboygan.

The waste will be used to produce things like biofuels, fuel pellets and tissue products.

Matthew Friday is Executive Director of the Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce.

He said, “Like many communities in Michigan we suffered a downturn during the great recession so to have this now coming to Cheboygan; I mean this is a great opportunity 130 good year round jobs that also has a positive impact on the environment. I mean I can’t imagine anything better than that.”

Friday said it’s not yet known when the company will begin accepting applications.

The project is being funded through private activity bonds from the Michigan Strategic Fund.