New water quality grant to help protect Grand Traverse Bay

Provided by the Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation

Provided by the Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation

Water conservation organizations across the state have millions in new money to work with this summer.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality awarded more than three million dollars last week to seven water conservation groups.

The grants are designed to protect lakes and streams and to restore impaired waters by reducing nonpoint sources of contaminants.

One of the grants went to the Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay. That group received more than 600,000 dollars.

Sarah U’Ren is Program Director at the Center.

She said, “This grant is really going to go towards the second phase of our restoration project that we’re doing at Kids creek, it’s on the impaired waters list right now for excessive storm water and sediment inputs. And so what our restoration project is going to focus on is reducing runoff and storm water inputs to the creek.”

U’Ren said phase two will focus on green infrastructure practices to address stormwater at the site rather than allowing it to make it’s way to the creek.