Grant allows free tire recycling in Emmet County

tireResidents in Emmet County and surrounding areas will have a rare opportunity to recycle their tires for free.

Emmet County Recycling will be accepting up to 10,000 tires for free under a grant from the Department of Environmental Quality. The drop-off event will take place Saturday, June 14.

Kate Melby is Communications Coordinator for Emmet County Public Works.

She said, “It’s a big bargain for people and an opportunity for people to clear those illegally dumped tires or tires that were on their property when they bought it. There just seems to be a lot of tires hanging around being a nuisance.”

There are some restrictions: tires can only come from households (none will be accepted from businesses for free), must be small or medium size tires (maximum four feet in diameter and 12 inches wide), once the 10k tire limit is reached the recycling center will go back to charging $2.50 per tire and only seven tires can be dropped off per load.

Melby said the tire recycling day will help dispose of waste tires, which can be environmental hazards. They can act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and can cause fires that are often difficult to put out.