New security equipment to be installed in Traverse City schools

TheBootRecent school shootings across the country have some local districts looking for ways to improve security.

The Traverse City Public School District gave approval this week for new security equipment.

A device called “the boot” is designed to stop an intruder from getting into a room.

The boot attaches to the bottom of the door. It has two metal pieces that a teacher can slide down into the floor to prevent the door from opening if there’s a threat in the school.

Paul Soma is with the Traverse City Area Public Schools.

He said the boot will help keep students safe if there’s ever a threat or a lockdown in the school.

“This device will basically bolt that door to the ground and they will not be able to get past it therefore increasing by a substantial amount the safety of the people inside that classroom in the event of an active shooter.”

Soma said it will cost just under half a million dollars to install boots in Traverse City schools.

He said every classroom will have a boot by the start of classes this fall.

“Now we have instituted a system that is going to vastly improve the safety and security of our students and staff in the event of an intrusion by someone with intentions that are bad.”

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