A new program is underway to help mid-Michigan seniors stay active

trailCentral Michigan seniors are getting a chance to prove they still got it thanks to several local Commissions on Aging.

A grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is being used to promote the health, independence and fulfillment of older adults in mid-michigan.

Heather Cole is with the Central Michigan District Health Department.

She said the health department is working with Commission on Aging facilities in Isabella, Gladwin and Osceola counties.

“We’re working with them to provide them some funds and technical assistance to create some new policies and systems to help get seniors better access to physical activity. Some seniors want to be active they just don’t have access to the resources that help them stay that way so we’re hoping to work with our commission on aging’s to provide some more places where seniors can be active.”

Cole said the facilities are still purchasing equipment and training staff.

She said all the new activities should be up and running by the end of September.