McLaren Central Michigan is offering health care seminars

stethascopeSince the rollout of the Federal Affordable Care Act, Michigan residents have new health options to explore.

Residents that had previously lacked coverage before, no longer depend on services like free clinics.

For people unsure about the new options available to them, an informational seminar is being held tomorrow by McLaren Central Michigan.

Nicole Sanders is with McLaren Central Michigan. She said despite a decrease in patients McLaren’s free clinic will remain open.

“Well in the recent months we’ve had about roughly on average 50 of our patients transition to practices in the area. And what we’ve seen is they’ve actually received coverage some of those individuals have qualified for the new Healthy Michigan Plan others we anticipate had received coverage through the affordable care act.”

The healthcare seminar is scheduled for Friday, June 20th from 2 to 3 pm. It will be held at McLaren Central Michigan.