Children’s advocates take message to Washington D.C.

HealthcareOur nation’s capital this week will host hospital administrators and families from Michigan and around the country for what’s called the Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day.

Speak Now for Kids is an effort by children’s hospitals and families to protect children’s access to high quality, specialized care.

Children and their families will meet with their members of congress asking them to co-sponsor the ACE kids act.

Jim Kaufman is Vice President of Public Policy for the Children’s Hospital Association.

He said a recently introduced bill would improve care for the nation’s 3 million children who have been deemed medically complex.

“These are kids that suffer from two or more health care issues. And while it’s a very very small population, about 6 percent of the kids in Michigan, these kids are on medicaid generally and are very very high cost. They account for about 40% of the spend of children on medicaid and often what you see with these kids is they actually travel across state lines for care because the number of providers that are out there that are available to treat them is very very small.”

The goal of the bill Kaufman said, “…would really look at creating a centralized care coordination program that the states could choose to opt into in their federal and their state medicaid programs and the whole goal of this is to really improve the care coordination to make it easier for kids as they travel across state lines”.

Speak Now for Kids