Schauer says he’d push stricter regulations on charter schools as governor

School desksDemocratic candidate for governor Mark Schauer (SHA’-wer) is calling for stricter regulations on charter schools. The former congressman says there should be a “halt” to new charters.

Schauer’s comments come on the heels of a year-long investigation on Michigan charter schools by the Detroit Free Press. Among other things, it found private companies that operate the schools aren’t required to release information on how they spend taxpayer dollars.

Schauer is calling for management companies to be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. He says he would also make all charter contracts available online.

Schauer stopped short of calling for a limit on the number of charter schools in Michigan or banning for-profit operators – although he said that idea merits a “conversation.”

Governor Rick Snyder says he’s open to stricter transparency requirements for all schools – but not necessarily the companies that run charters.