DNR releases a video to identify a new invasive species of fish

For fishing aficionados it’s important to be able to distinguish between the different species of fish.

Now the DNR has put a tutorial online to help people distinguish between a native species of fish and a new invasive species that may find it’s way to the Great Lakes.

DNR Fishery experts warn that invasive snakehead fish have been introduced to eastern U.S waters from China.

Although snakeheads have not been identified in Michigan waters, DNR officials said anglers often mistake them for the native bowfin fish.

The DNR has released a video to help anglers identify between the native Bowfin and the invasive snakehead.

Seth Herbst is the aquatic invasive species coordinator for the DNR.

He said, “We typically get quite a few phone calls of anglers catching bowfin and being confused with the identification of a snakehead so this video hopefully will be able to put anglers at ease and help them with identification of the fish species that they’re catching.”

Herbst said it’s important to minimize any potential threat of snakehead due to the predator’s ability to outcompete native fish for food and space.

Bowfin vs. Snakehead
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