Progress continues on new CMU building in Saginaw

slideImageWhile students are busy enjoying their summer breaks, CMU is busy making progress in construction of new facilities.

The University’s College of Medicine building in Saginaw is progressing well. This from college officials who surveyed the site last week.

Jim Knight is director of marketing and communications for the College of Medicine.

“It’s an educational building. It will have classrooms, labs, training spaces for even continuing education for medical professionals in the whole region. There is also going to be a very good medical library. It’s a really important building for what we need to be a full medical school.”

He said the exterior for the building will be done by October with full completion by next May.

“Now that they’re starting to enclose it; they got the steel structure complete now you’re starting to see some of the brickwork going up, the other underneath wall, exterior walls go up. So you’re seeing the enormous footprint that this is, you know it’s a 46,000 square foot building and so it’s really taking shape.”

Knight said the Saginaw building will be an important facility for the college’s third and fourth year medical students when they advance to more hands-on work.

He also said the search committee for a new Dean for the college will be large one. He said updates will be provided soon.