Getting to know CMU’s second class of medical students

CMED InfographicCMU’s College of Medicine has been busy making sure that it’s second class of medical students begins work this fall with a full roster.

Jim Knight is Director of Marketing and Communications for the College of Medicine.

He said the college received more than three thousand applicants for 104 openings.

“We really wanted a very intensive selection process that has a lot of interviews, a lot of different stages. We have a lot of faculty and physicians who are part of the interview process and we’re looking for students who understand what our mission is.”

Knight said the students who were accepted align with the college’s mission of addressing the medical needs of rural and underserved areas.

He said 94 of the 104 students are from Michigan, and have an average Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT, score of 28.

Last year’s national MCAT average was just over 25. The highest score possible is 45.