Alma College receives a grant for improving STEM education

ebdd3577ddc3f3dc548a1495275654f6 Alma College has just been awarded five million dollars for improving STEM education. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

The grant-funded initiative is called e-STEM. It stands for Enhancing Stem Education. It will provide opportunities for students and faculty at Alma and K through 12 schools to collaborate and engage in real-world research.

John Davis is a professor at Alma College. He said this grant will continue the work of a previous grant.

“We had a grant about five years ago from the National Science Foundation to improve science education at Alma. Basically what we did was we changed the first year experience for our students and we found some really significant increases in quality and number of STEM majors so we’re building this grant on those previous successes.”

Davis said the goal of the grant is to continue increasing the number of STEM majors and provide leaders in STEM education.

The funding is provided by the Herbert H. and Grace A Dow Foundation. It includes a start-up grant and an endowment for future work.