Charlevoix beaches and parks go tobacco free

A tobacco-free policy was adopted at the Charlevoix city council meeting on July 7th. It impacts all city parks and beaches.

Dan Reynolds is with the Health Department of Northwest Michigan, “We feel that everyone has a right to enjoy smoke free and litter free beaches and parks in this area,” he said. “We think it’s part of having a healthy place to live and vacation.”

Reynolds said prohibiting tobacco use will help both public and environmental health as cigarette butts make up a lot of the litter in public places.

Reynolds also said that enforcement of a ban of this kind can be difficult but he’s confident that people will follow the rules.

“Once people have the information and once they understand that smoking is prohibited or tobacco use of any kind is prohibited, they generally abide by the rules,” he said.

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan covers Antrim, Emmet, Charlevoix and Otsego counties and has a Tobacco Reduction Coalition that helps communities, businesses and schools go tobacco free.

Anyone in Northwest Michigan who would like more information on going tobacco free can contact Susan Pulaski at (231) 347-4121.