Saginaw County to vote on tax increase for mosquito abatement

Saginaw county will ask residents next month to approve a millage increase to fight mosquitoes.

The County has operated the mosquito abatement program under a .5-mill tax since 1985.

Since property values in Saginaw County are not keeping up with the cost of fuel and chemicals for the program, the county is asking for an increase to .64 mills to cover the cost.

If the proposal doesn’t pass, there will be no mosquito abatement program.

Mike Hanley, the chair of the mosquito abatement commission, said he doesn’t think that will happen, “Everybody understands that mosquito infestation affects everyone in the county, it is a real public health issue,” Hanley said.”

“We do confirm that we have West Nile in mosquitoes every year so we know that it’s a problem, fortunately we’ve been able to protect the public so far and I think the public will come forward and we’re very optimistic.”

The proposal is scheduled to appear on the August 5 ballot.