Saginaw develops new alert system to keep landlords in the loop

Rental properties in Saginaw can often be a breeding ground for crime. But a new alert system is trying to change that, by notifying landlords when the police or fire department is called to their properties.

The new alert system is meant to keep landlords in the loop, said Debbie Buck, public information officer for the City of Saginaw.

“When they get these notifications they will be aware of the activity that’s going on at their property,” she said, “and perhaps be able to take corrective actions or proactive actions so that they could investigate and maybe get rid of the criminal element that might be happening in that area of their property or the neighborhood.”

The system will document when Saginaw police or firefighters are dispatched to any of the city’s five thousand registered rental properties.

It will then send landlords weekly email updates about any incidents occurring on their properties. The system is available to landlords free of charge.

William Schmitt is President of the Saginaw Landlords Association.

“From a landlord’s standpoint, that’s an extraordinarily helpful tool in that it allows us to monitor what is going on at our properties in our absence,” said William Schmitt, president of the Saginaw Landlords Association. “So it’s a very useful tool, we’re very pleased that the city has developed this and is finally implementing it.”

Schmitt said this system will allow landlords to follow up on reports of disruptive activity or pursue eviction of tenants involved in criminal activity.

The new alert system launches early August.

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