A new community improvement project is “Taking Root in Saginaw”

Photograph by Arielle Breen

Photograph by Arielle Breen

Mid Michigan has a new project in the works that aims to improve the quality of life in the region.

The Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy was awarded $28,500 in grant money for a project they call “Taking Root in Saginaw”.

Officials say the project is just starting out but could focus on things like revitalizing vacant lots and improving access to nature.

Zachary Branigan is Executive Director of the Conservancy. He said the “Taking Root” project aims to connect groups and natural resources with community members.

“It could be abandoned buildings, and part of the ultimate project would be to tear down a building and rehabilitate a site. It could be a parklike setting, or it could be a more natural setting,” Branigan said “We’re extremely wide open. We can protect and manage land for a lot of different reasons as long as it filters down to trying to improve the quality of life and connecting people with nature in a positive way.“

Branigan said the conservancy is figuring out what parts of Saginaw would benefit the most from the project.

He said after they review the data they will hold public meetings seeking input from the community