Winds bring wildfire smoke across northern Michigan

wildfire smokeYou might be surprised to find out at least some of the clouds overhead today are not clouds at all, but smoke.

It made it’s way to Michigan from the Pacific Northwest where several wildfires are burning.

Officials say upper level winds have blown large amounts of the smoke into parts of the great plains and Upper Midwest.

Jim Keysor is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Gaylord. He said this kind of smoke drift is not really unusual.

“We see this in some years, particularly dry years out west, where they see a number of forest fires that occur and wildfires and during the right weather patterns when the wind sort of moves in the right direction from northwest to sort of east or south east we sometimes will pick up that smoke and bring it to the east like it’s doing currently.”

Keysor said the hazy conditions may continue into the first part of next week until something clears the smoke out the atmosphere, perhaps windy conditions or rain.