Americans urged to get outside and get active

gr-40648-1-1While there is still some summer left to enjoy, a new campaign is urging people to get outside and get active.

July is National Park and Recreation month. It’s a reminder for people to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors.

In recognition of the month,The National Recreation and Park Association is challenging Americans to move an indoor activity outdoors each day in July.

Lauren Hoffman is with the Association.

She said enjoying the benefits of the outdoors can lead to a more active lifestyle throughout the year.

“There’s various studies that are showing that parks and outdoor time can really help improve your mental health, reduce stress. Parks and recreation, they really provide the opportunity to get out there and get physically active.”

Hoffman said one major challenge in getting younger populations and adults out and active is that many are attached to their smart phones and tablets.

She encourages contacting your local parks and rec department to learn more about the programs and services offered in your area.