Tribe receives grant for a new farmers market pavilion

SCIT4c_smallThe Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe has been awarded federal grant money to build a new farmers market pavilion.

Frank Cloutier is director of public relations for the tribe.

He said the tribe views this as an investment in its future.

“What we can do at this point in building this out and making healthier choices for our community. There are more people we can get involved; we have the seventh generation program, who is responsible for keeping those traditional values and ways for our people, and they’re going to be very instrumental in building and growing out this farmers market.” He said.

The $200,000 grant comes from the U.S Department of Agriculture’s Rural Business Enterprise Grant program, which is sending funds to communities in 19 states.

Cloutier said the tribe is currently assessing the needs of the community, and considering several options for the location of the market.