Bill Ballenger, Editor of Inside Michigan Politics, shares thoughts about August primary election.

2003-503-32-Ballinger,-BillTuesday, August 5 is D-day for many political races. It’s the date of Michigan primary election, or, as political watcher, Bill Ballenger calls it “the most important election of the year”.

Ballenger is the Editor of “Inside Michigan Politics”. CMU Public Radio’s Amy Robinson spoke with him for an overview of the primary. The first thing he said, important or not, expect low-voter turnout.

The Primary election is Tuesday, August 5. Polls are open from 7:00am to 8:00pm.

You can find a link for information on our website. Plug in your address and it will show you a sample ballot and provide your polling place information

That’s at WCMU (dot) org (slash) news

Interactive Primary Election Information Site: