Snyder, lawmakers say they’ll “go back to the drawing board” if Prop 1 fails

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Michigan voters have until eight o’clock Tuesday to cast their ballots in the primary election.

Voters will decide the fate of a complicated statewide proposal to phase out a tax on business equipment. Supporters say Proposal 1 would replace that revenue without raising any taxes.

Gov. Rick Snyder says the tax is unfair and needs to be repealed.

“The business community’s behind (Proposal 1). The municipalities are behind it. It’s not a political issue – we’ve got people from both parties strongly supporting it,” Snyder told reporters after casting his ballot Tuesday morning in Superior Twp.

“So, I certainly hope it passes.”

But there’s been confusion and distrust of how state officials plan to replace the money.

Should the proposal fail, the governor and state legislative leaders say they would probably try to find another way to replace the tax.

“Then it’d be a challenge,” said Snyder. “Then we’d be back to the drawing board to some degree.”

Finding another replacement and getting it signed into law would likely have to happen during the “lame duck” session of the legislature after the November election, according to Snyder and legislative leaders.

Voter turnout is expected to be low Tuesday – possibly the lowest ever for an August primary in Michigan.

“That’s a concern,” said Snyder. “One of the great rights we have is voting. And I really encourage people to get out and do that because it does make a difference. This is an opportunity to create jobs for Michiganders.”

Some observers predict fewer than a million voters could cast ballots in the primary, meaning turnout could be as low as 13 percent. They say it’s too early to tell what is motivating people to sit out this election.