Looking ahead for August weather

NWS_LogoAs we enter the second half of what’s been a cooler summer, some people might be wondering what’s in store for August.

Weather officials said the month of August should see a return to normal weather patterns.

“Right now August looks like it’s going to be getting back to near normal. We’re not really seeing anything either way being overly cold or overly hot, but it looks like our temperatures are moderating a bit so we’re going to be a little bit more near normal.” said Aaron Mayhew, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gaylord.

He said despite the dryness, wildfires won’t be something to worry about.

“With the high pressure system your flow is kinda coming more from the north northwest so it is a little drier than southerly flow, but the critical levels that we typically look for are not going to be met as far as humidity levels. It will be fairly dry, not quite as humid as we would typically expect, but not enough to get into critical levels for fire weather.” he said.

Mayhew said the high pressure pattern will result in sunny, warm days ahead through the weekend with temperatures climbing back into the low 80s.

He said the next time northern Michigan may see rain could be early next week.