National transportation officials tour MDOT bridge projects

The recent use of bridge slide technology over a stretch of US 131 in Mecosta County has attracted national attention.

National transportation officials traveled to Michigan Thursday, Aug.14 for a demonstration of the slide technology.

John Richard is a spokesperson for MDOT’s Grand Rapids region.

He said the demonstration brought 30 engineers from nine states.

“They were really more inquisitive than anything else. They wanted to know how we did it, how we maintained traffic, they asked questions about the detour, how the temporary foundations were built, a lot of the engineering that goes into it. And they were very very inquisitive because there’s a lot of states that have not done this before so it’s a brand new technology to a lot of people.”

Richard said the new technology will become standard in areas that can support the room necessary to build the new bridge next to the older soon-to-be-replaced bridge.