Older Michigan residents have questions and want answers

gr-41117-1-1With November’s general election quickly approaching, candidates should be conscious of the growing financial concerns of the state’s older voters.

That’s according to AARP Michigan. A new poll commissioned by the organization finds that older residents have a lot of questions about health care expenses, financial security in retirement, and the ability to live independently.

Those older voters, age 50 and older, make up about half of the state’s electorate, according to the U-S Census Bureau.

Jacqueline Morrison is Director of AARP Michigan. She said candidates need to be responsive to the concerns of such a large group of voters, “It’s an important portion of the electorate, and they study the issues, and they really vote based on issues and what they’re hearing from the candidates.”

Morrison said 60 percent of survey participants said they had difficulty finding objective and reliable information about the candidates running for office in November.

She said the results should send a clear signal to the candidates to speak more directly with voters about their concerns.