Feds remind farmers of conservation compliance changes

The US Department of Agriculture is reminding producers and ranchers that changes under the 2014 Farm Bill require compliance to be eligible for premium federal support.

For the first time ever, all farmers are required to complete a form, known as AD 1026, necessary to qualify for wetland conservation initiatives.

Prior to the new Farm Bill, only farmers who participated in other select conservation programs had to complete the form.

Laura Campbell, with the Michigan Farm Bureau, said farmers are not yet required to have a form on file due to what she says is a lack of details in the bill.

“The agency is just trying to get information out to farmers about what their requirements are going to be,” she said. “And, so right now, the main feeling out on the country-side is, I think, uncertainty because they don’t know what all the details are, yet. They don’t know what the backlog is going to be if there is going to be some sort of dispute on whether or not an area is a wetland.”

Campbell said the requirements will activate sometime next year.

On the Web
AD 1026 form: http://forms.sc.egov.usda.gov/efcommon/eFileServices/eForms/AD1026.PDF