Flint Watershed Coalition receives grant for Hamilton Dam Project

Contributions are coming in to remove a “high hazard” dam from the Flint River.

The Hamilton Dam project recently picked up a $50,000 grant from the Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network.

The Flint Watershed Coalition will use the grant to help demolish the dam, and construct a series of rock rapids that will take its place.

Janet Van De Winkle is Director of the Flint River Corridor Alliance. She said this project will positively affect the greater Flint area.

“It is essentially implementing the first phase of the Flint Riverfront Restoration Plan. The dam is in serious disrepair, and the solution will provide for flood protection, allow for fish passage and recreation, as well as being environmentally sound.”

Flint River conservation groups and the City of Flint are working together to raise enough money to fully fund the project.

Flint Riverfront Restoration Plan